Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Bassetlaw 14-19 Engineering Diploma Consortium Reach for the Sky

Aeroplane taking off

The Bassetlaw 14–19 Consortium has developed an exciting project to support the delivery of the Engineering Diploma in the North Nottinghamshire area, called ‘Reach for the Sky’. This collaborative project aims to give the learners an exciting and engaging experience of the engineered world. The delivery includes the chance to examine aerospace technology up close through the resources and expertise on offer at North Nott’s College and Gamston Airport.

Alongside this real world exposure, the consortium was keen to develop an interactive e-learning resource that would compliment the real-world information, in order to meet all of the requirements of the Engineering Diploma.

The ‘Reach for the Sky’ project utilises LJ Create’s ‘ClassCampus’ online learning resource that was deployed with the Engineering Diploma in mind. It enables students to access contextualised learning resources reducing the need to travel between schools, college and workplace providers.

One example of these online resources is the Hydraulics material. Students are introduced to topics and demonstrations in the lead centre and then access virtual simulation tasks via the online system that relate directly to their experiences in the classroom.

Since starting delivery in September 2009, the consortium has accumulated over 500 hours of tracked online study on their Engineering Diploma and Motor Vehicle courses.

Gareth Nadin of the Tuxford School had this to say.

"LJ Create’s Engineering Resource has been one of the most significant technological advances for us in years.

The ClassCampus system is used specifically by the Diploma students across the consortium. We use the chat and email facilities to ensure that the students have access to a “duty tutor” on nominated evenings during the week.

We have been using the vehicle technology modules to deliver the BTEC First Certificate and the impact on lower ability students is outstanding. Each student is able to progress at their own pace and through the live classroom facilities the student is able to request assistance discreetly."

This project attracted funding from the East Midlands Development Agency as part of their “Catapulting Kids” initiative.

For information visit the East Midlands New Technology Initiative website

or read the BECTA Guide to the Use of eLearning for Diploma Delivery.