Wednesday, 16 February 2011

SciTex Learning - Science Curriculum for Texas.

We have all been extremely busy here at LJ Create over the last few months, getting ready to launch our new web resource "SciTex Learning". Scitex Learning is hosted on the new website and is aimed at education providers in the State of Texas.

Our development team has been working at full power to get a whole range of lessons ready to allow teacher to teach physics, chemistry, biology and IPC topics to their students.

This has been a major task and it has been great to see pretty much the whole of the creative team within LJ working so hard on a single project.

Some of the many developers at LJ Create work together to produce science resources for the Texas site ''.

The teaching resource consists of online lessons in HTML format, PowerPoint presentations that can also be delivered remotely in Flash format, and online assessment. To back up all of the curriculum, we have also produced many interactive applications and simulations that will help teach the science theory.

In all my years at LJ Create, I have not seen so many teachers, editors, graphic designers, animators, technicians, technical authors, software engineers and web developers working together on a single project. It is however a project to be proud of.

Each of the lessons map directly to the learning objectives specified in the Texas State standards, and we have also provided the instructors with an easy to use tool that helps them to quickly find learning materials for each objective.

This resource can be found at

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