Monday, 22 June 2009

LJ Create proudly announce their new Diploma Electronics Programme

This exciting new Electronics package has been created specifically to address the electronics requirements within the new Engineering Diploma at Levels 1 and 2.

It features a series of lessons designed to introduce components and circuits for real world electronic applications. The module focuses on practical skills with students constructing circuits using the various prototyping methods of breadboard, strip board and PCB. The student activities allow them to investigate circuit operation on our unique patching board/carrier mounted components and perform circuit simulation on a computer. The patching board also includes a system of fault insertion which is an essential requirement at Level 2 of the Diploma.

The module offers the added benefit of project tasks that meet the examination board unit assessment requirements. A marking scheme is clearly identified within these projects assisting the teacher with the assessment and providing an overall mark for the unit.

Due to be released in September, many Diploma Consortia members have already purchased the module for use in the new school year.

LJ Create are happy to provide demonstrations of the new programme, please contact Kerry Woods on 01603 748001 for more details. Or visit

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